One thing that can greatly improve an artists work,and confidence level is getting outside to draw, sketch, or paint. Weekly, I try to get out and about with my local urban sketching group. We find various locations and we either paint, or draw on site. 
I found it so intimidating at first to sketch in public (I still get a little anxious if there are lots of people around!), but I find because there’s a group of us it gives me more confidence. 
I have a few kits that i choose to take out with me depending on the location. 

Above is my most recent urban sketching kit, and the one i use most often.

Everything fits comfortably in the Etchr satchel, and recently I bought the pen case that can fit on the side.

These are the minis!

I’ll take these with me if im going some place where i’m not sure if i’ll want to sketch, but bring them just in case. I’ll choose either one depending on the size of the bag/purse i’m carrying.I also have what I refer to as “the big kit”. Which is all you see in my regular sketch kit, but I have it in a back pack with the en plein air pro easel, and larger blocks of paper!