This page shows the painting journey of this series starting from 2016-2019, and I’m still not finished! 

Since becoming a christian over 10yrs ago, i’ve always been fascinated with the role of women in the bible. In past teachings i’ve often felt they were overlooked, or sometimes have a stigma that women should be seen and not heard, or “be the good proverbs 31 woman” cleaning a house and doing nothing but caring for children the end(!) .
But here we see examples of strong, faithful, corageous woman that CHOSE to honor God – at sometimes any cost. Their faith is strong, and so is their bravery. Reading these stories I’ve always been in awe of how God uses something, or someone that might not seem right for the job, but through faith and determination put God’s plans into action.


Below are the watercolor paintings i’ve done so far of the women you can read about.