Bathsheba. Watercolor on paper, 18X24″


Bathsheba is a well known story in the bible. Although she barely speaks, her story is powerful all the same. We know she was the wife of warrior Uriah. She was very beautiful, and she was bathing when King David saw her from the rooftops. He had her sent to him. Soon after, she sends word to David that she is pregnant. David then takes the next level and hatches a plan to make sure Uriah is killed in battle.

Bathsheba laments her husbands death, and then later we find out she becomes David’s wife. As punishment for David’s actions, the son is allowed to die.

God is soon to restore Bathsheba’s name and future. She bears another son, and his name is Solomon who then becomes David’s successor.

I’d often read some commentaries that implied Bathsheba – a temptress – was to blame for all that happened. I wholeheartedly disagreed with this. She was on her rooftop not knowing anyone was there spying or watching, and if a King sends for you, who are you to say no? Would she have risked her life?
In the painting I wanted to concentrate on restoration, growth, blossoming. A serene expression as she holds her baby son Solomon, who will be David’s successor and who’s wisdom was greater than that of all men ( 1 kings 4:30). Her name also appears in the genealogy of Jesus.